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Return To Work Challenges

Return To Work Challenges

A couple of recent surveys have indicated that motivation will be one of the major issues managers are going to have to concentrate on with their teams when people get back to work.

The recent Covid restrictions, for many reasons, have had a detrimental effect on motivation, mindsets and perceptions, therefore inspiring leadership skills will be a “must have” attribute for managers in order to rebuild high performing teams.

As Hertzberg pointed out with his hygiene factors model, there is a lot more to motivating people than just giving them more money, and in this current climate money may not be that readily available in the short term anyway, so knowing how to motivate each individual within your team is crucial.

However if individuals aren’t clear on what motivates them, then how on earth is their manager going to know? At HPD we use psychometric profiling tools such as Insights Discovery and Strengthscope to help teams, individuals and leaders understand more about themselves and their personal preferences and energisers. If people can understand “what makes us good at what we do?” and can share this knowledge with their managers then they can work together building on strengths to improve and develop as well as addressing areas that can hinder performance.

It’s all about understanding what motivates each individual in your team and having the knowledge and skill to apply that. If leaders can remember that fact that “there is nothing more unequal than the equal treatment of others” then individual motivation will most certainly improve, ultimately resulting in increased team motivation and improved overall performance.

To know more about how we can support you and your teams and leaders getting back into work motivated and with positive mindsets please contact us. We would be delighted to discuss thoughts and ideas with you!

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