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Why 1st January is the worst time of the year to set your New Year’s resolution

If your New Year’s resolutions have already fallen by the wayside then take heart and stop beating yourself up. You are in the majority as depending on the report you read between 81% and 92% of people give up before the end of the month. The odds are against us so why are we making life so hard for ourselves and putting on the pressure to set goals on 1stJanuary when the majority of us are unlikely to achieve and could possibly end up feeling worse about.


Mark Ormrod, former Royal Marines Commando, HPD consultant and the first British triple amputee from the conflict in Afghanistan intends to tell his full story via a film to be made this year.

New Year, New Challenge.  It’s A State Of Mind…..Do You Have It?

The post-Christmas period can leave many of us feeling down. Back to work blues, an empty social calendar, festive weight gain, miserable weather and a dwindling bank balance can all contribute to a general feeling of melancholy. The sense of having to start a new year again at work, with the dial reset to zero and a mountain to climb over the next 12 months, to achieve budgets and goals, can demoralise even the real optimists among us. 

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