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Return To Work Challenges

A couple of recent surveys have indicated that motivation will be one of the major issues managers are going to have to concentrate on with their teams when people get back to work. The recent Covid restrictions, for many reasons, have had a detrimental effect on motivation, mindsets and perceptions, therefore inspiring leadership skills will…
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Supporting The Bristol Gulls

For the last few weeks HPD’s Ruari Chisholm and Tim Hughes (also from Bristol Maritime Academy) and Lee Spencer- The Rowing Marine have been working with The Bristol Gulls supporting them with their personal and team development for their forthcoming Trans Atlantic Rowing Race. It has been a rewarding and  fantastic opportunity to see a relatively…
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Lee Spencer – “The Rowing Marine”

Just days before the UK’s lockdown, HPD’s new motivational speaker Lee Spencer – “The Rowing Marine” gave a really inspiring presentation to Woolmer Hill School in Surrey, a school that we work with running Leadership Development programmes for the Prefects and Senior Year Leadership Team.   His talk was particularly powerful, where the key topic of…
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The Art of Mindfulness and Meditation

In honour of World Mental Health Day, I want to highlight the importance of taking care of the mind. There are many ways but one that is gaining in popularity is the art of mindfulness and meditation. I’ve always had a keen interest in all things wellness and have been investigating meditation and it’s reported benefits which…
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What is the BT Global Challenge?

The BT Global Challenge is a unique race that takes place every four years that sees 12 teams compete for the coveted Princess Royal Trophy on a westabout route around the world, against the spin of the earth. The route covers 32000 miles and is split into 7 legs of varying durations. It starts in…
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Diversity in the workplace

Diversity in the Workplace and Why It Is Important

What is diversity? Diversity is a range of things that differentiates a person from another, this can be age, gender, sex, sexuality, education, disability and more. It’s about respecting, accepting and empowering that person for what makes them different. Diversity in the workplace is so important because it shows signs of a well-managed and respected…
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How to Look After your Graduates

Nowadays, graduates have their heads screwed on when it comes to deciding on a job to take – they know what they want, and they won’t stop until they get it! Besides, with all the effort they have made and the money they have spent on university, why shouldn’t they be picky?! You need to…
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How to Balance your Personal and Professional Development with your Mental Health

Many things can affect your mental health and with the stress of day to day life being talked about, a lot, it is so important to take time out to concentrate on your mental health. So with this in mind, how do you balance your mental health with your personal and professional development?  We are…
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Interview with Amanda Newton

Interview with Amanda Newton – 3rd December 2018 The overwhelming feeling you get from talking to Amanda is her ability to see the positive in everything and I have no doubt that this is why she has achieved so much since her life changed following a serious accident in 2015.  Mum of four and keen athlete Amanda Newton went out for…
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Celebrating Inspirational Women in the Workplace

If we think back to 1995, I bet you didn’t know that there were zero female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies… isn’t that shocking? NOW the latest data states that in 2018, 25 of those 500 have female CEOs… still shocked? Let’s hope that 2019 brings even more to the post! Regardless of Fortune 500s…
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