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How to Look After your Graduates

How to Look After your Graduates

Nowadays, graduates have their heads screwed on when it comes to deciding on a job to take – they know what they want, and they won’t stop until they get it! Besides, with all the effort they have made and the money they have spent on university, why shouldn’t they be picky?! You need to make a culture for your business where every graduate wants to join and nobody wants to leave. But the big questions for employers are: how do you make them stay, how are you supposed to look after them and how do you make them want more.

Money is no longer the motivation

One thing to note is that money is no longer the decider for graduates. Ok, it’s a good start but once the novelty has worn off, money is no longer the motivation for a graduate to stay. Knowledge is power and we should all be constantly learning in our everyday lives – even fresh out of uni, this mindset doesn’t change for graduates.

Offer a challenging but rewarding role

It’s understandable that after sitting in a library for the last however many years, studying hard for exams, the last thing graduates want to do is get into a job role that is mundane. Graduates are after a challenge and expect this from a graduate scheme! All of the best employers do it, so make sure you place your company among the big boys in the industry when it comes to employing graduates – make the role a challenge and make it rewarding!

Give a memorable training experience

Giving the wow factor when it comes to training your graduates can make a massive difference. Training can represent how a company looks after their employees, and making it enjoyable, entertaining and out of the ordinary can act as your unique selling point for many graduates looking for a position. The way you train can reflect your company’s culture and nowadays culture really is an important consideration for graduates looking for their first role. 

Of course, training can be done on site, but a change of scenery never hurt anybody and can be more stimulating than being in the environment graduates see every day. Making the executive decision to take training outside of your workplace can have a great impact on the morale of your graduates, and as an employer, can make your business more appealing to other graduates in the field. 

At High Performance Development, we specialise in helping you make the most out of your graduate schemes by offering bespoke training programmes. We aim to challenge and motivate individuals so that they can smash their goals and obtain higher levels of performance. All of our training programmes are bespoke and can be shaped to fit your company and goals. You can see a list of skills we encourage on our courses here.

To find out more about how we can make a truly memorable experience for your graduates, get in touch with the team today!

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