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Get the WOW Factor

Get the WOW Factor

We offer a range of unique WOW Factors to develop your teams leadership, decision making, communication and planning skills. This ability to plan under pressure is particularly valuable for teams working in high pressure environments. They construct a supportive teamwork and help teams build a play to win! It’s not simply enough for a team to avoid loosing, they must be focused on becoming victorious. Motivated employees who want to win and succeed will allow your business to flourish.

The WOW Factors always leave our clients feeling rewarded by the leadership lessons and experience that their workforce obtained from the courses. All the relevant WOW Factors can be found here. We are very proud to offer the Royal Navy Sinking Ship experience. Britain’s elite armed services perform consistently with impeccable levels of professionalism in high pressure situations. Pride, strong leadership, excellent teamwork and incredibly high working standards are key elements to achieving outstanding results on a regular basis. This WOW Factor provides teams with an insight into all the crucial skills and allows them to replicate this same level of professionalism. The teamwork lessons gained from this experience are invaluable to organisations looking to improve a groups productivity.

Our Commercial Aircraft Simulator is another really popular WOW Factor that we offer. Planning, decision making, leadership and teamwork are all key elements in successfully carrying out this day-long workshop. Teams will organise and carry out a flight plan putting the lessons they have learnt into practice. This exercise really allows participants to develop communication and leadership skills which are crucial to success.

The challenges themselves put your team under controlled yet high pressure conditions. Teams will find themselves working outside of their comfort zone where strong leadership and teamwork is essential for success. These are experiences of a lifetime which leave a strong bond between team members. They provide exceptional benefits for teams who work in high pressure environments. It teaches participants to utilise members of their team appropriately and to remain calm under pressure. This is essential in the workplace where decisions must be made quickly but correctly.

WOW Factors are learning tools that make the educational experience as enjoyable, unique and memorable as possible to compliment the classroom theory. The WOW Factors demonstrate the HPD ethos that individuals learn most effectively by being able to implement the classroom theory. Our experiences are as far from ‘team building’ as you can get. It ensures that your team develops as a unit. Furthermore they are able to translate this back to the workplace and their roles within your organisation. It’s designed to  move people just outside of their comfort zone so that they can develop as an individual and function well as a team. The focus is to provide individuals and teams with skills they can apply in your organisation to improve productivity and increase revenue.

Want to WOW your staff, WOW the competition and WOW your clients or customers? We can make sure your staff are equipped to do just that!

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