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Nothing is more terrible than activity without insight

Nothing is more terrible than activity without insight

“Nothing is more terrible than activity without insight,” observed Thomas Carlyle, the 19th-century Scottish essayist and historian. Carlyle’s words could be used to describe many companies where employees struggle to meet demands. This can be avoided by giving employees the skills and experience they need to flourish. More importantly it means your workforce is equipped to meet your targets, thus allowing your company to grow and thrive.

In March, a report from the Boston Consulting Group and the European Association of People Management (EAPM) found that cutting back on training was a popular cost-cutting option but warned that it is the least effective in the longer term. Rudolf Thurner, co-author of the report and president of the EAPM, said: “Companies should evaluate the strategies deployed by HR executives during the last recession. In this way, they can avoid making similar mistakes all over again.”

Most industry experts agree that the training and development of staff should not be compromised during the recession even though they may be dealing with cuts to budgets and other cost pressures. This is because a well-trained and skilled workforce will be instrumental in supporting organisations during the downturn as well as after economic recovery and growth resumes. Previous recessions and downturns have shown that cutting down on training and skills development for employees only results in a shortage of talented workers come the upturn. This can greatly affect an organisation’s competitiveness.

Some organisations provide no training at all, relying only on the skills and knowledge staff members acquired in school or at previous employers.
Forward-thinking organisations, however, view their staff members as valuable assets and invest in their potential. Investing in your staff allows your company to increase productivity and your revenue.

Here at HPD we aim to improve the productivity, effectiveness and efficiency of your employees by allowing them to develop and better utilise their talents, skills and potential. To help staff members develop their knowledge and abilities so that they might become better qualified to perform the duties of their present jobs and advance to more responsible positions. We also provide development for managers, making them capable of organising and developing effective management systems. This allows them to accomplish the organisation’s goals and objectives.To alleviate labor shortages and reduce personnel turnover.

After receiving adequate training, staff will be well prepared to help their organisation achieve its current and planned goals. Staff members will have the knowledge and confidence necessary to benefit their organisation.
 A well-trained  workforce will also be able to solve routine and challenging problems in less time and with fewer issues than counterparts at other organisations who lack adequate training.

Let’s turn Carlyle’s quote on its head, organisations with well-trained staff may find themselves observing that, “Nothing is more beautiful than activity with insight.”

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