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Supporting the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust

Supporting the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust

We have been supporting The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust for over 16 years now and have loved every minute of it… Here’s what Scott Wilson, Communications Officer, at the charity has to say about our partnership…

The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust only had two employees when we first partnered with High Performance Development. It was 2005, and Trust CEO Frank Fletcher knew Ruari and Julie at HPD from their time together at UKSA. They offered to run some icebreaker activities when young people arrived for their trips, something which, at the time, we weren’t able deliver ourselves due to our tiny team. Not to mention, Ruari and Julie were the experts, so much so that the icebreakers we still run to this day have their roots in what they were doing 16 years ago.

Ruari and Julie helped ease young people into their trips for a number of years. It can’t be overstated the difference this makes: the beginning of a trip can be an anxious time for young people, and it’s thanks to HPD’s icebreakers that they are able to relax and begin forming bonds with their trip mates from day one.

As the Trust grew in size, we were able to deliver these icebreakers ourselves thanks to HPD’s training. Their experience and expertise informed how the Trust team approached creating an environment where young people feel keen to get involved. Young people and volunteers often speak of quiet bus rides on the way to their trip, which on return are buzzing with energy and friendships which came together on the day they arrived.

With the Trust team now the biggest it’s ever been, HPD have helped nurture its growth organically. Ruari has worked with the leadership team to develop their own leadership skills, as well as working together as a unit, through a number of residential days. Frank personally credits Ruari as a constant ally and mentor he can turn to for advice, showing support – and some hard truths – whenever it’s needed.

It’s a relationship we are proud of, and without it, the Trust would look very different. HPD helped piece together the way trips begin, with activities which set the tone for the week ahead. They trained the Trust team to lead the way with icebreakers, sharing their expertise and allowing us to develop our own leadership skills. It’s thanks to HPD’s training that the team has grown – and continues to grow – harmoniously.

Long may it continue!”

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