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Celebrating Inspirational Women in the Workplace

Celebrating Inspirational Women in the Workplace

If we think back to 1995, I bet you didn’t know that there were zero female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies… isn’t that shocking? NOW the latest data states that in 2018, 25 of those 500 have female CEOs… still shocked? Let’s hope that 2019 brings even more to the post! Regardless of Fortune 500s data, there are a staggering amount of women starting their own businesses today. We want to celebrate some of those inspirational women in the workplace this International Women’s Day and have picked a few of our favourites… 

Donna Carpenter – (Co-CEO of Burton)

15 years ago through Burton’s rapid growth, Carpenter found that the diversity of her company was shrinking and she wanted to change that. With her initiatives she grew the company’s female leadership from under 10% to 45% today. From being CEO to now Co-CEO, Carpenter continues to make sure the percentage grows ensuring gender equality in her workplace.

Valerie Stark – (CEO of Huggle)

Valerie, who is only 30 years of age, created Huggle after moving to London from Moscow. She didn’t know anybody in the UK so used Instagram geo-locations to try and find people nearby, with similar interests to her. This is how she met Huggle co-founder, Stina Sanders, and how they initiated the idea. The app has fast cemented itself as one of the most popular social discovery apps in the UK, with over 50 million places logged, 3 million swipes generated each day, and over 120,000 messages sent each day. 

Arlan Hamilton – (Founder of Backstage Capital)

Whilst finding herself homeless, Hamilton built a venture capital fund. With her business she dedicates her time to investing in founders who are of colour, women and/or LGBT and has since invested $5 million in 100 new businesses. 

Anne-Marie Imafidon – (Co-Founder of Stemettes)

Stemettes specialises in encouraging young women to pursue careers in STEM and if you’re not familiar of the term, stands for: Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Imafidon wanted to break down the barrier between women and technology and has allowed thousands of women to participate in events held by Stemettes, growing the popularity of pursuing a career in STEM among women of all ages. 

All of these women had a vision of what they wanted their companies to look like. Their leadership skills ensure they are still in business to this day and why we’re celebrating them today in this post. Maybe you’ll become, or already are an inspirational person in your workplace. Do you see yourself starting your own business in the future or if not, have these women inspired you in any other way? 

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