The Art of Mindfulness and Meditation

In honour of World Mental Health Day, I want to highlight the importance of taking care of the mind. There are many ways but one that is gaining in popularity is the art of mindfulness and meditation. Julie King, Director at High Performance Development talks about this art in more detail.

BT Global Challenge

What is the BT Global Challenge?

The BT Global Challenge is a unique race that takes place every four years that sees 12 teams compete for the coveted Princess Royal Trophy on a westabout route around the world, against the spin of the earth. Mark Denton, Consultant and Motivational Speaker explains more...

Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity in the Workplace and Why It Is Important

Diversity in the workplace is so important because it shows signs of a well-managed and respected company. Diversity in the workplace is sought after and expected in this day and age. Companies now aim to have this nailed! So what are some of the benefits of having diversity in the workplace?

Graduate Development

How to Look After your Graduates

You need to make a culture for your business where every graduate wants to join and nobody wants to leave. But the big questions for employers are: how do you make them stay, how are you supposed to look after them and how do you make them want more.

Mental Health Awareness

How to Balance your Personal and Professional Development with your Mental Health

Many things can affect your mental health and with the stress of day to day life being talked about, a lot, it is so important to take time out to concentrate on your mental health. So with this in mind, how do you balance your mental health with your personal and professional development?

Amanda Newton

Interview with Amanda Newton

The overwhelming feeling you get from talking to Amanda is her ability to see the positive in everything and I have no doubt that this is why she has achieved so much since her life changed following a serious accident in 2015. Read her story in our blog post.

International Women's Day

Celebrating Inspirational Women in the Workplace

There are a staggering amount of women starting their own businesses today. We want to celebrate some of those inspirational women in the workplace this International Women’s Day and have picked a few of our favourites...


Ensure you have the best incentive for graduates with High Performance Development

​If you’re wanting to employ and retain the best people for the job, there’s no better person than a graduate, fresh out of university, hungry to channel what they’ve learnt at university into the real world. But how do you ensure that they will be right for the job role and more importantly, how do you make them feel valued and stay with you for the long run?

New Years Eve Resolution

Why 1st January is the worst time of the year to set your New Year’s resolution

If your New Year’s resolutions have already fallen by the wayside then take heart and stop beating yourself up. You are in the majority as depending on the report you read between 81% and 92% of people give up before the end of the month. The odds are against us so why are we making life so hard for ourselves and putting on the pressure to set goals on 1stJanuary when the majority of us are unlikely to achieve and could possibly end up feeling worse about.



Mark Ormrod, former Royal Marines Commando, HPD consultant and the first British triple amputee from the conflict in Afghanistan intends to tell his full story via a film to be made this year.

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