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Action Logic

Action Logic

Most developmental psychologists agree that what differentiates leaders is not so much their personality, or their style of management, but rather their internal worldview or ‘Action Logic’. This how they construct reality and respond to emerging situations, particularly when their power or safety is challenged.

Each of us is informed by a dominant Action Logic at any given period of our lives. Our Action Logic both enables and constrains our effectiveness, depending on the demands being made on us professionally. Most individuals, however, are unaware they are operating through an Action Logic, and therefore also unaware that their approaches can be transformed beyond the limits of present assumptions.

Becoming aware of our Action Logic is crucial to understanding how we, as individuals, constrain our effectiveness and can develop beyond these constraints. At a team or organisational level, it is also a key to us, as leaders, to understandstanding others and enabling them to transform beyond their current Action Logics.

Through extensive research, we have found that leaders who do undertake this voyage of personal understanding and development can transform not only their own capabilities, but also, significantly, those of their organisations. Corporations that help their executives and leadership teams examine their Action Logics can reap, and have reaped, rich rewards. 

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