Shirrell Heath, Southampton, Hampshire, SO32 2JY

Humphrey Walters

Consultant And Motivational Speaker

For the past 30 years, Humphrey has been inspiring and motivating individuals, teams and corporations in leadership and management and the concept of “The Business of Winning”.

He has studied both academically and practically all aspects of human nature that motivate and inspire people to succeed and win. Humphrey is unique in that to study teamship and attitudes in a hostile environment, he spent 11 months in a force 10 gale doing the BT Global Challenge – a yacht race sailing the wrong way round the world – having never sailed before in his life! 

He is also very involved in sports and helped the World Cup winning England Rugby Team with their team development (they won by 35 seconds!). More recently, he was involved in helping JCB break the world land speed record in a car with two digger engines!

He has also run over 30 marathons for charities! 

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