Shirrell Heath, Southampton, Hampshire, SO32 2JY

Dominic Riley

Motivational speaker

Former deputy leader of the world famous Red Arrows display team and now an airline captain, Dominic Riley has over 30 years experience of both teamwork and leadership of the highest quality.

As a fighter pilot in the RAF, Dominic knew all too well the necessity of fitting into a very complex organisation – his ability to do this was rewarded with selection (by the existing members) to the finest aerobatic team in the world.

After 16 years flying combat aircraft, Dominic turned his abilities towards civil aviation and is now a captain with an internationally famous airline flying upwards of 300 passengers at a time all over the world. 

Although the challenges are somewhat different from the military, the success of every flight is dependent on the same basic ideal: teamwork.

As Dominic says: “Everybody needs to know their place and function within an organisation – it is the leader’s role to explain and encourage them.” 

All of Dominic’s experience and recognised leadership abilities allow him to connect directly with team building in today’s business environment.