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Corporate & Social Responsibility

At High Performance Development, we believe that the best way to learn is through practising new behaviours in the most realistic scenarios possible. We are also convinced by the growing importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) to our clients, particularly in light of the recognition that it is closely linked to business success. 

Our experience shows that providing a team with a live community challenge not only offers substantial benefits to that particular community, it also results in a team that shares a real sense of achievement and fulfilment. But the most compelling reason for using such a challenge is that it provides a powerful and compelling tool for facilitating learning. 

High Performance Development is proud to be working closely with Community Service Volunteers (CSV) to carefully design community projects (Team Challenges) that closely relate to the combined learning objectives and CSR objectives of our clients. These challenges will involve the team from the initial meeting with the community organisation and may include tasks such as fundraising for/sourcing equipment. 

At the end of a Team Challenge, participants will return with:

  1. A real sense of achievement having witnessed tangible outcomes
  2. An understanding of the importance of planning and preparation
  3. Improved client relationship skills (from dealing with community organisation directly)
  4. A better understanding of team dynamics 
  5. Improved communication skills 
  6. Understanding the benefits from cross functional working
  7. The ability to deal with conflict and collaboration
  8. Improved moral and enthusiasm 
  9. Knowing one another better
  10. Increased team pride
  11. Increased understanding of issues affecting local communities

At High Performance Development, we offer CSR Training from our base in Hampshire, between Southampton and Portsmouth, and beyond.

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