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Executive Arts

Change, Uncertainty and Overload

We all want a world that works. In which our efforts are rewarded, our work with colleagues is both fun and fulfilling, and the difference we aspire to make in the world is realised rather than frustrated.

That is not everybody’s professional experience today. There has been a step change in the pace of change. The level of chaos and uncertainty in life is increasing. Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter even as the demands and complexity of the tasks we face are rising. Everyone is looking for pathways through this uncertainty to restore clear thinking, great relationships and effective action. The ideal is to develop the personal and organisational capacity to help ourselves and our colleagues understand the process of change.

Why Executive Arts?

The ‘Executive’ in Executive Arts refers to the character within each of us who has the ability to choose a new path for ourself. In organisations it is at the executive level that strategic decisions are formed, made and directed.

Good executives are called on to break corporate habits, take a bet on new technology or markets, restructure and inspire their population of managers and staff to abandon some, or much, of what they know and set off on an uncertain course. The executive within must be capable of managing the inner call to a new direction, directing the necessary unlearning and learning, and redesigning from an ‘idea’ through to ‘possibility’ and on to ‘achievement’. This is an Art more than a science. Hence Executive Arts.

The Executive Arts course can be used as a stand alone training course, or can be used to enhance a leadership course, team development programme or personal development course.

At High Performance Development, we offer Executive Arts courses in Hampshire, between Southampton and Portsmouth.

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