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1:1 Coaching

World class athletes use coaches to achieve outstanding performance – why shouldn’t you?

We have an extremely high calibre of Executive Coaches working with us who specialise in improving business performance through intensive coaching of successful managers. They combine professional, managerial and leadership skills with psychological knowledge and expertise in the field of coaching.

There a number of ways we can approach coaching programmes for our clients depending on their specific requirements. We have developed three powerful methods to suit the differing needs, which are outlined below.

1. Executive Coaching

The establishing of a close working relationship between the executive and their coach, providing the vehicle to take stock, examine the way ahead and identify new ideas and approaches to try out. An independent individual can look at things from a different angle, ask questions, support and challenge and help develop strategies and techniques. Our methodology for coaching is non-directive and we are qualified in a range of psychometric assessments that can be used to enhance the coaching process.

2. Coaching for Results Workshops

This workshop is a group event, which hones the coaching skills of participants and enables them to raise the level of performance of their team. The ability to coach is a critical business skill. Working in an environment of transformational change, managers increasingly depend on team members to deliver results in a self-managed way. This means moving away from a climate of command and control to one of delegation and empowerment. Coaching is a powerful and cost-effective way to achieve this and to help people to perform to their full potential.

3. Creating a Coaching Culture

At HPD, we believe that coaching is more that just a process, it requires a combination of personal skills, attitudes and beliefs in order to be effective. A coaching culture is one that is built on the attitudes and beliefs in human potential, and demonstrates these behaviours. It is an environment where people are ‘willing’ and ‘supported’ to try new things. If you improve people and their productivity then you will improve your bottom line. We help our clients to develop a Coaching culture within their organisations by identifying and implementing the required attitudinal and behavioural changes.

At High Performance Development, we offer 1:1 coaching from our base in Hampshire, between Southampton and Portsmouth, and beyond.

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