SIG.  First Line Management - Leadership Development Programme


SIG asked HPD to design a leadership development programme to equip newly appointed managers with the tools they needed to make an impact in their new role as well and re-energising current managers.

Through discussion with SIG we developed a multi-stage programme with four challenging interventions interspersed with implementation time to practice and perfect before each new workshop.


This programme rolled out across the whole organisation at first line management level.

As the programme progressed it was refined through ongoing feedback ensuring that it was made as relevant as possible to the managers’ current workplace situations and challenges.

Delegates found the programme inspiring and relevant and came away with useful action plans to work into their branches and areas of head office.


Thank you for a very interesting and useful programme, I’ve learnt a great deal and have some useful action plans to implement back at work.

Branch Manager

Branch Manager

The programmes have landed well with there Branch Managers and are making an impact, thank you. 

Rob Cross
HR Director

Rob Cross

I’ve really enjoyed working with you on these programmes.  They are inspiring and the experiential element really makes a difference.

Joe McNicholas
Training Manager - Leadership and Development

Joe McNicholas

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