Why soft skills and emotional intelligence are crucial to the development of teams and leaders

Having just run a highly successful Graduate Development Programme for 230 BT Graduates, we are well placed to equip graduates with the skills needed for the transition from student life to the corporate world. We understand the importance of developing fundamental leadership, teamwork and inter-personal skills, based around a shared culture, values and ethos. We help to develop and nurture a greater understanding of emotional intelligence alongside enhancing presentation and communication skills.

Julia Llewellyn-Smith’s article perfectly demonstrates why these skills are required, but crucially also notes that a huge vacuum currently exists in this area.

Please follow the link below to read the full article:


We aim to equip graduates with the skills needed for a successful transition from student life to the business world. By introducing them to fundamental leadership, teamworking and inter-personal skills, an understanding of emotional intelligence, health and well-being, presentation and communication skills - including how to make an impact for the right reason - graduates return to your business motivated and better prepared.

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