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It is with great excitement that we announce our move to a new DeVere venue. Based near Southampton, it is a truly breathtaking new home for High Performance Development. It couldn't be more convenient with easy access from London both by car, train and Southampton airport. Our move marks a substantial expansion for HPD as our company continues to grow. The main focus at HPD has always been experiential learning and therefore the quality of our facilities is paramount. We are thrilled to be able to offer our clients an even larger and better equipped facility.

IMG clientlounge/New_Place_gates-1_250_166_s.jpeg Continual improvement is our ethos and this echoes throughout our new centre which does still hold the comfortable informal feel that we are accustomed to. It is not a starchy corporate environment as you can see from the photos, but a friendly base from which we can train your teams and leaders. Furthermore our new location is close to the Royal Navy base that hosts our renowned sinking ship exercise. Additionally we are now closer to the sea which allows us to integrate our yachting and RIB challenges into programmes with ease.

IMG Crates_2-1_250_376_s.png HPD has invested heavily in developing purpose-built leadership tasks and team challenges around the grounds including high and low rope courses. These new and more varied exercises are a fundamental aspect in aiding a team to develop and is used to help  move team members out of their comfort zone. While in this 'stretch zone' participants place reliance upon the members of their team to assist in successful completion of the task. It gives participants greater confidence through self belief and is designed to demonstrate the power of teams working together. It teaches participants to rely on their team for guidance and ensure the team is there to assist.

The one factor that we believe is paramount, especially in current economic times, is a well trained and motivated workforce. It is crucial that organisations invest in their employees by giving them the training they need to excel. A well equipped and prepared workforce will ensure that the company is always advancing. Let HPD, take care of developing and training your people. Whether you are taking on new recruits or want to better equip your current  teams and leaders, we can help.

Our company is constantly developing, evolving and expanding. We never rest on our laurels and believe your company shouldn't either! After all, development is our specialty.

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