Why soft skills and emotional intelligence are crucial to the development of teams and leaders

We recently read an archived article by Julia Llewellyn-Smith which was originally written for The Sunday Telegraph earlier this year. The article neatly encapsulates the importance of skills that we routinely help to develop in our Graduate Programmes.

Are Leaders Born or Made?

”The only test of leadership is that somebody follows.” -Robert K. Greenleaf

Is an inability to delegate holding you back?

A leaders inability to delegate not only hinders a team's performance but hinders individuals in that team from developing and progressing. It is paramount that you assess your managers and look at how effectively they manage to delegate tasks.

Action Logic

Leaders are made, not born, and how they develop is critical for organisational change. -Rooke & Torbert, 2005

Developing Leaders Who Are Self-Aware

Self-awareness is key to being able to manage oneself and choose behaviours which will encourage certain behaviours from others.

The Art of Being Courageous

Find the courage to make difficult decision and achieve greater results.

How’s Business?

How will you answer the next time someone asks?

Are you fit for business?

With 32.9 million work days being lost to stress and 1 in 5 adults classified as being obese, organisations cannot afford to ignore the business costs that ill health may cause.

What We Do

What we do and why it is of paramount importance to your business.

Why Leadership Development Matters

Numerous in-depth studies have reached the same conclusion: Organisations that invest in leadership development perform better than those that don’t. Challenging times magnify that truth even more.

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