Julie King

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Julie’s main area of expertise lies in the field of health and wellbeing; designing and running bespoke programmes for individuals and teams to help them improve their performance at work by modifying their current lifestyle.

With a degree in Business and Finance, Julie started her training career at the UK Sailing Academy co-ordinating the training programmes of work experience students and teaching management skills on their Business Management courses. After three years she took the position of Staff Training Manager on the 1998 World Cup programme, recruiting and training hospitality staff for one of the major sponsors. She has also been involved in the training of hospitality staff prior to the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and product training for instore staff at The Body Shop.

Since 2003 Julie has been co-ordinating and facilitating leadership and team development courses for many private and public sector organisations which included health and wellbeing sessions for Tesco, Credit Suisse and BT Graduates.

Julie lives on the Sussex coast and is a qualified Nutritional Therapist and Fitness Instructor.

Ruari Chisholm

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Managing Director

Ruari is the managing director of High Performance Development. He specialises in designing and delivering leadership and teamworking programmes for organisations within the public and private sectors, as well as international sports teams.

He started his career as a full time sportsman representing his country in sailing. Ruari then moved on to join the Royal Marines where he gained invaluable experience working in, and leading teams within a challenging environment. He specialised in amphibious operations and maritime counter terrorism. After leaving the Marines ten years later, Ruari became the Training Manager and Principal of the Leisure Management College at The UK Sailing Academy, where he was responsible for all vocational courses in leisure management and careers in the watersports industry.

In 1998 Ruari moved into training within the corporate world, gaining valuable experience designing and delivering programmes for major blue chips companies. During this time he was project manager for an army and civilian initiative running programmes at Sandhurst Military Academy.

Ruari now works in all areas of leadership and team development and specialises in experiential training. He has worked with high performing sports teams such as The England Rugby and Netball teams, The English Cricket Academy and Great Britain Girls Ski Team. Ruari has also worked developing race teams for the BT Global Challenge Yacht Race and was responsible for the skipper selection process for the 2000 BTGC race.

In his spare time Ruari enjoys keeping fit, participating in all watersports and other adrenalin sports such as skiing and skydiving. Ruari is also qualified in sports psychology and is a personal trainer.

Delia Cottie

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Delia is a director for High Performance Development. Responsible for marketing and new business initiatives as well as running teamworking and leadership programmes.

Delia has worked predominantly in event management and marketing. She worked in the city for several years as events manager at Investec Bank. Before that she was a founder of London’s Vinopolis World of Wines. She was responsible for the initial business set up and then headed up the marketing and operational teams in the corporate department.

She has been working in the training and development field for several years and works with major blue chip companies including BT, Credit Suisse, BCA, Tesco and Benfield Insurance.

Delia has travelled extensively, enjoys property renovation, keeping fit, skiing and sailing. She currently lives in Godalming.

Tom Wilson

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Director of Business Development

After attaining a degree in Politics from Exeter University, Tom spent 25 years trading Government Bonds and Interest Rates in The City of London. During that time he worked for several major investment banks, including Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, UBS and Royal Bank of Canada. As a result he has learnt the importance of teamwork, a common ethos and shared values to achieve goals. The financial trading environment requires mental agility, adaptability and a necessity to work under very stressful conditions. Tom was instrumental in setting up the interest rate trading platform at Royal Bank of Canada, which involved developing enduring relationships with large corporates, sovereign institutions and supra national agencies. Latterly, Tom also mentored and coached incoming graduate trainees to banking, sharing his experiences and helping to develop the skills required in that industry.

In his spare time Tom enjoys all sport and is also Chairman of a Royal Marines charity. The charity supports injured Royal Marines and helps them transition into civilian employment. He recently abseiled down the BT Tower to raise money for The Royal Marines and Sport Relief. He has travelled extensively around the world, as part of his business commitments, and also as a tourist. Tom is happily married with 2 teenage children and lives on the Surrey/Sussex borders.

Tim Hughes

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Operations Manager

Tim has over ten years of experience in the training and development world. Before joining HPD he was Director of Operations for The United Kingdom Sailing Academy (UKSA), one of the world’s leading watersports institutes, where he was at the forefront of industry development for all aspects of marine training and leisure activities.

Tim’s career path has led him to run marine operations around the globe, including the Caribbean, Middle East, Mediterranean and Australia. Diverse environments such as leisure and tourism, local education and professional training means that he has a broad commercial experience with a positive customer driven service ethic.

His experience leading teams and projects in demanding and difficult situations means he brings a wealth of knowledge on how to deliver team performance at the highest level.

Tim works with companies such as BT, Credit Suisse and Mouchel Parkman at all levels specialising in leadership and team development.

He is a highly qualified watersports instructor but also enjoys spending time off the water participating in outdoor sports such as off-road motorcycling, skiing and spending time with his family.

Mark Denton

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Consultant And Motivational Speaker

For the first 21 years of his life, Mark lived about as far away from the sea as you can get in the middle of the UK in Northamptonshire. In the school holidays he worked on the shop floor for the family shoe making business and at 17 he ran his own car valet business. At 21 he went to University to study Business with Human Resources Management. In the summer of 1994 he signed up to crew on the Tall Ships Race. Although sailing had been a hobby for many years on the inland lakes, Mark did not realise what a profound effect this experience would have on his life

Following this great experience, Mark took up a position in the city as an Account Executive for a London advertising agency. But after 2 years he soon realised that the rat race wasn’t for him and decided to concentrate his efforts on forging a career in professional sailing, spurred on by his memories of that first race on the sea.

4 years and 40,000 miles later Mark entered the gruelling selection procedure to be a skipper on the BT Global Challenge 2000/2001 against 186 others, the ultimate environment to put everything he had learnt about sailing and working with people into practice. Victorious, he went on to skipper the ‘BP Explorer’, a yacht sponsored by energy giant BP, in this toughest of round the world yacht races.

On his return, Mark set about combining all the hard earned leadership and teamwork lessons into a high impact multi-media presentation for use within BP. Such was the success of this keynote speech (over 250 appearances across 15 countries) that an online version was developed by Mark to allow a greater audience to share in the learning. This won a Gold award at the Sony Interactive Media Awards in 2003.

Mark has also been pivotal to the design and delivery of many impactful leadership and team development programmes, combining industry standard tools and techniques with his unique multi-media Masterclass seminars, centred around what it takes to create and sustain high performance whether as an individual or as a group. Many organisations have benefited, including BP, BAE, Nationwide Building Society, BT, London Business School, Solvay, Zurich Insurance, CIPD, Burlington Resources, JMW consultants, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Marakon Associates, Amerada Hess and Cheyne Capital to name but a few.

“Over recent years Mark Denton has presented a number of inspirational seminars as part of our leadership development training. Every session has offered a terrific insight into leadership and teamwork, enabling us to harness the key ingredients of increased business performance through our people”

See Mark in action here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSRfhqcnVcw


Ocean racing talk

Sean Chapple

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Consultant And Motivational Speaker

HPD Consultant, Sean Chapple combines over 20 years of practical experience of leadership in challenging situations as both an Officer in the Royal Marines and an expedition leader to the North and South Poles. The valuable insights he has gained into how individuals and teams function from a lifetime at the edge of human endurance provide a powerful dimension to our development programmes.

In 2006/07 Sean planned and led one of the longest unassisted polar journeys in history. Remarkably, Sean had just returned from leading another team to the North Pole earlier in the year. After hauling to the South Pole and raising the Union Flag, Sean and his team then retraced their steps, and in doing so completed the longest military overland journey in Antarctic history and, for Sean the first Royal Marines Commando to walk unaided to the pole. His team faced near starvation, suffered from frostbite and snow blindness and during the return leg Sean fell and dislocated his shoulder whilst using one of the giant kites that provided wind traction. Committed to success Sean continued to motivate and lead his team, and through determination and exceptional teamwork they completed the gruelling 2,200 km journey in 71-days. Live updates broadcast direct from the ice engaged a global audience attracting international media interest, and generating 2 million pounds in advertising for the commercial backers of the expedition.

Leaving school at seventeen, Sean joined the elite Royal Marines, successfully completing commando training, the longest and toughest training course in the world. Sean soon displayed a natural talent for leadership and was swiftly promoted through the rank and file, receiving a commission into the Officer Corps. During Sean’s extensive career he has been deployed on active service across the globe, becoming a specialist in mountain, Arctic and desert operations. Parallel to his military career Sean has forged a record breaking expedition career, becoming a pioneering figure in pushing the envelope of military polar exploration setting world records in the process and earning himself the nickname ‘Ice Man’ along the way.

This unique career is a testament to his ability to motivate and inspire those around him, even under the most demanding circumstances. Sean’s belief is that we each have the spirit of adventure coursing through our bodies and by tapping into this energy the seemingly impossible becomes possible. Combining 20 years of leadership and team working skills, Sean really does ‘walk the talk’, with his keynotes bringing home the real challenges of leadership and team development.

Walking the Talk
Sean has planned, managed and led over twenty high risk and remote expeditions which include:

Sean is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, and an accredited TMSDI practitioner in the Team Management Profile, Linking Skills Profile and Team Performance Profile, City & Guilds Graduateship in Leadership & Management and Associate of the Professional Speakers Association. As a professional speaker Sean interweaves his lifetime of extreme adventure with a coherent message to businesses and he has spoken to audiences ranging from primary schools to board-level directors of multi-nationals, focusing on self-motivation, team dynamics, leadership, risk-assessment and tackling seemingly overwhelming challenges.

‘Sean brought a fresh, inspiring dimension to the leadership discussion at the conference. The challenges of the expedition connected well to the audience - facing leadership challenges of their own.’

‘His session was the highlight of the day. An engaging speaker, he gave a most informative talk. Relevant to all types of organisations in the public and private sectors, I recommend Sean without hesitation.’

‘Powerful lessons that will have a real impact on our business. I recommend the iceman for any organisation looking to get the edge on team performance.’


The Ice Man

Mark Ormrod

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Motivational Speaker

Mark applied to join the Royal Marines at 16 years old after finishing his GCSE’s and wanting a career in the military. After successful completion of the Potential Royal Marines Course (PRMC), he began training at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM) in February 2001 at the age of 17. After completing the grueling 30 week course and being awarded the coveted green beret, he embarked on his career as a Royal Marines Commando. After various exercise and deployments, including Iraq in 2003, he decided to leave the Marines for personal reasons and embark on new career.

After leaving the military and undertaking a Close Protection course in South Africa, Mark was keen to start a new career as a bodyguard, but because he lived in Plymouth and was always around the guys he had served with, the bug to go on more deployments with the lads was too much and he decided to rejoin after only a year as a civilian. No sooner had he rejoined then he was drafted to 40 Cdo RM and was straight into training serials for the upcoming deployment in Afghanistan, Op Herrick 7. The unit deployed in September 2007 and Mark was based with the men of 40 Cdo to Forward Operating Base Robinson.

On Christmas Eve 2007, whilst out on a foot patrol, Mark stepped on a buried landmine which resulted in him having to have both of his legs amputated above the knee and his right arm amputated above the elbow,  making him the first British triple amputee from the Afghanistan conflict.

After his initial recovery, Mark made the decision that there was no point in feeling sorry for himself and he had to accept his situation. He wanted to take things as far as he could and regain as much independence as he possible... So the journey began.

Because he was Afghanistan’s first British triple amputee, it was difficult for him to find people he could talk to and draw from their experience. Mark decided to travel to America where he hoped to meet up with other amputees, who had been living that way for much longer, and learn from them.

Whilst in the States Mark, was introduced to a whole new world of peer support, mentoring, disability education and levels of independence that he didn’t know existed. This spurred him on to learn more, train harder and hopefully when he was good enough, pass what he had learnt to others in the same situation he was in. Since meeting other amputees and discovering what is possible Mark has learned to drive a car without hand controls, run with specialist prosthetics, swim, gain a higher level of confidence and independence with his prosthetics and hasn’t used a wheelchair since June 2009. He continues to return to the States as he hungers to continue learning about his prosthetics and what they are capable of and he says:

“After all, this is my life now, of course I take an interest in it, these are my legs now and they are a part of me, I want to know as much about them as possible”

After gaining a certain level of independence with his prosthetics and leaving his wheelchair behind, he decided that he needed another goal that would push him a bit harder so that life without a wheelchair would seem a lot easier, that was when he decided to run across America from New York to L.A for charity.

Mark was part of a team of both British military and American military men who embarked on a journey of over 3500 miles to raise awareness and money for injured troops charities in the UK and USA. The men running had to cover between 16-23 miles a day EACH for 63 days and although Marks part wasn’t as big he managed to start at a mile a day and build up to a point where on the Royal Marines Birthday he managed to run 5 miles continuously in honour of the Royal Marines.

Whilst going through rehabilitation Mark wrote a book called “Man Down” about his life before, during and slightly after losing three limbs as he wanted to express himself as honestly and openly as he could, not just for himself, but to also give a better insight for others about daily life in a war zone and dealing with going from being a 24 year old Elite Royal Marine Commando to now being a 24 year old disabled person.

Whilst nearing the end of his military career and struggling with ideas of what he could do for employment as a disabled person, he decide to have a go at motivational speaking. After being introduced to it and trained on how to present himself he did a few small visits and talks, most notably including his old school which he had left 10 years previously and Middlesborough Football club, whilst they were training out in Spain.

Find out more about Mark at www.markormrod.com.


Paul Barrett

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Motivational Speaker

Paul ‘Baz’ Barrett, a Colour Sgt in the Royal Marines, stood on a landmine in Afghanistan, in 2008. The blast nearly claimed his life, and he lost one leg completely, as well as badly damaging the other, part of both hands, the sight in one eye and hearing in one ear. In the past six years he’s undergone surgery 52 times, more than any other injured marine. As well as coping with his disabilities, Baz has had to come to terms with the end of a 20-year career as a Mountain Leader, an elite branch of the Marines… and a divorce. Yet he continues to achieve his goals and strives to make a success out of his life. He recently climbed Ben Nevis, completed a triathlon and a tandem parachute jump. He hopes to help and inspire others by telling his story.

Baz currently lives in Scotland with his two daughters.

Baz has been featured in two BBC documentaries: BBC Scotland’s 9/11 A Hidden Legacy (first transmitted in 2011) and Inside Out – Afghanistan, The Homecoming (October 2014).

Humphrey Walters

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Consultant And Motivational Speaker

For the past 30 years, Humphrey has been inspiring and motivating individuals, teams and corporations in leadership and management and the concept of “The Business of Winning”.

He has studied both academically and practically all aspects of human nature that motivate and inspire people to succeed and win. Humphrey is unique in that to study teamship and attitudes in a hostile environment, he spent 11 months in a force 10 gale doing the BT Global Challenge - a yacht race sailing the wrong way round the world - having never sailed before in his life!

He is also very involved in sports and helped the World Cup winning England Rugby Team with their team development (they won by 35 seconds!). More recently, he was involved in helping JCB break the world land speed record in a car with two digger engines!

He has also run over 30 marathons for charities!

Find out more about Humphrey Walters at www.humphreywalters.com.


Caspar Craven

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Consultant and Motivational Speaker

Caspar believes in challenging conventional thinking on how leaders and teams become truly effective and create extraordinary results.

Caspar has 30 years’ experience in building teams to make things happen. Starting as an entrepreneur at the age of 14, Caspar has built and led teams in global corporations, start-up businesses, struggling businesses and high growth businesses. He has built a team on a trophy-winning world racing yacht. But his toughest challenge by far was building his family team to sail around the world: with his wife and three children aged 9, 7 and 2.

Along the way he has built three separate successful million dollar businesses from scratch and sold one whilst sailing the Pacific Ocean. He launched his first business at the age of 14 catching crabs and lobsters and by the age of 16 was exporting 1/2 tonne of crabs a week to Spain. Realising that catching crabs wasn't going to make an impact on the world, he went to university and for the following 8 years worked in the corporate world - first as a Chartered Accountant and then as an Investment Banker at KPMG. 

In 2000 he signed up for the Worlds Toughest Yacht Race, the BT Global Challenge and joined Yacht Quadstone as the youngest crew member onboard. After winning trophies around the world and building a team as Watch Captain he returned to KPMG as an Associate Director to run a Technology and Telecoms team. In 2001 he returned to entrepreneurial life as an e-commerce entrepreneur. Over the following 15 years, he raised money for, built, grew and sold businesses primarily in the technology sector

He's made mistakes. He's fallen over. He got up again and carried on. He's had some great successes and some failures. In 2009 with his wife they hatched a plan to sail around the world with their young children and spent the next 5 years planning how to make things happen. In 2016, they successfully completed their circumnavigation having experienced amazing highs, having to make heart-wrenching decisions and experiencing agonising lows and life threatening situations on their 7-year voyage from idea to completion.

Caspar is on a mission now to be a truly inspiring leadership and team building speaker, giving actionable advice on how to achieve amazing results both professionally and personally, changing lives for the better.

Find out more about Caspar at www.casparcraven.com or https://vimeo.com/194100301.


Caspar’s story is simply inspirational!

I recently had the pleasure of seeing Caspar address an audience of over 800 technology channel people in Cannes, France. A mix of senior executives, managers, sales, marketing and techies, of which 3/4 were from outside the UK so English wasn’t their first language.

Despite the language barrier Caspar had them engaged for over an hour telling his story with purpose, vulnerability, humour and humility, making it relevant and demonstrating how the biggest of challenges can be overcome.

It just goes to demonstrate the power of a great story. Highly recommended for any business looking to grow its leadership teams
— Mark Waite - Managing Director at Tech PR & Marketing consultancy, Cohesive Communications

Damian Cottle

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Consultant and Motivational Speaker

Damian Cottle has 15 years and thousands of hours of flying experience as a pilot and training officer with British Airways. He draws on his own experience, as well as using dramatic footage, alongside examples and case studies from the aviation industry that make a compelling case for a seismic change in the way many of our professions, institutions and organisations are run, and indeed the way we respond to mistakes in our day to day lives.

Damian will encourage you to question the validity of your assumptions about what works and what doesn't, as well as commonly held perceptions of success and failure.

He will focus on key areas such as decision making, error management and a positive reporting culture. Damian will demonstrate why good communication, open reporting and honest evaluation are critical to continual improvement and success and how the aviation industry has confronted failure and learnt from mistakes, making flying the safest form of travel in the world today.

Damian’s thought-provoking, insightful and interactive sessions demonstrate our need to challenge commonly held beliefs and even embrace failure, because that is critical to ongoing development and ultimate success.

Russell Kerslake

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After a career of over 18 years in the Royal Marines, specialising in amphibious operations and maritime counter terrorism, Russell finished as Sergeant Major to the Special Forces Rib Troop based at Poole in Dorset.

On leaving the Marines Russell set up and managed the successful maritime based training and events company International Rib Services. Russell, an RYA Yachtmaster, designed and delivered maritime training programmes to civilian and governmental agencies, in particular the Singapore Police Special Task Squadron, combining maritime skills with the leadership and teamworking skills, essential for operating in hostile environments.

Russell brings to life team development and leadership training programmes by drawing upon his experience from project managing many interesting and exciting events where he has led teams in demanding environments, such as providing safety and security teams to major maritime events, including the Trans Atlantic Windsurf Race 1998 and the Class 1 Powerboat Racing Circuit.

Russell was recently involved in running the on-water support for The Ericsson Racing Team in the last Volvo Round the World Yacht Race and is currently assisting in the development of the trials and training of the Gibbs Aquada Amphibious Vehicle Project.

Ruth Benson

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Ruth is an experienced and versatile consultant who has been designing, leading and facilitating training programmes and experiential workshops in the field of personal and organisational development since 1990, with particular emphasis on people and behavioural issues. She has also works extensively as an executive coach.

She gained her extensive knowledge of management psychology, attitudes and techniques through eight years working as an independent development consultant, before being invited to join AON Consulting in their Culture Change division. She has completed a 4-year post-graduate course in Transpersonal Psychotherapy and a 1-year training course in Transpersonal Leadership and Team Management.

Ruth specialises in helping companies get the best out of their people and in helping people get the best out of themselves. She is a creative and articulate speaker and known for her ability to communicate with all levels of the company from senior executive to the shop floor.

Her training style is individual, stimulating and enthusiastic, using an experiential and interactive approach. She works both systematically and intuitively to help delegates get the most from the training process. She has the ability to creatively implement new courses and to adapt existing training materials to suit course requirements.

She has worked with many top companies including: British Airways, BUPA, British Telecom, Compass Group, Close Bros, EMC Computer Systems, Gerling, Miller Insurance Services and the Ogilvy Group.

Lisa Sparrowhawk

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For the past 20 years Lisa has been coaching and supporting others to reach their goals. Lisa specialises in performance coaching and she has a wealth of experience in health and fitness, training delivery, facilitation, leadership and management.

Having always had an interest in human behaviour, psychology and sport, Lisa completed a degree in these subjects and a successful career as a personal trainer and fitness specialist followed.

After ten years, and establishing her talent for coaching and supporting others, Lisa qualified as a life coach and then took the leap into training and development. This step gave Lisa invaluable experience working as a trainer, coach and facilitator on both a national and international stage.

Over the last 8 years Lisa has partnered senior leaders, managers and individuals at all levels, passing on the required knowledge, skills and behaviours to help them to maximise the performance of individuals, teams and their business overall.

Lisa is also a qualified Insights Discovery Practitioner, NLP Practitioner and NLP Sports Practitioner. Lisa believes fostering highly effective relationships is essential for success and she is passionate about delivering exceptional training to support teams and businesses to achieve their desired outcomes. Lisa’s delivery style is experiential and embraces accelerated learning techniques for maximum impact.

In addition to the above, Lisa works with individual sports performers, in particular with Equestrian’s. She is currently coaching a Junior GB three day eventer and she sponsors two riders competing at local and national level.

Find out more about Lisa at www.lisasparrowhawk.co.uk.

Nicholas Holbrook

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Nicholas Holbrook joined High Performance Development in August 2014. He has spent the last ten and a half years selling, and delivering, programmes for The Complex Sale, a leading US-based Sales Effectiveness firm, and The Mind Gym, a well-known L&D organisation based out of London.

Nick brings with him fifteen years of sales and management experience gained in the software industry. Prior to joining The Complex Sale in 2003, Nicholas worked with companies that include Visio Corporation, Brio Technology, WhiteLight Systems and Crystal Decisions. At Visio, he was the first corporate salesperson invited to join the company in Europe, and he successfully built a European Corporate Sales team who exceeded their team target for 4 consecutive years.

Nick has focused on selling into Fortune 500 companies in both the UK and mainland Europe. His industry knowledge comes from working with large organisations in sectors as varied as Telecommunications, Retail, Media and Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare. His sales management skills have been developed through coaching teams of salespeople engaged in both Account Management of existing clients and in securing New Customers. As a Coach and Facilitator, he is well known for his very high energy levels - and a strong sense of humour as well!

Nick was educated at London University and completed his post-graduate degree at Sheffield University, where he qualified fully as a teacher. He taught English and Modern Languages for four years up to University Entrance Level before moving into the IT industry.

Nick is fluent in both French and Spanish, and speaks regularly at European Conferences and Sales Meetings on “The Sales Landscape” and “The Changing Face of Sales”.

Dominic Riley

Dominic Riley's photo

Motivational speaker

Former deputy leader of the world famous Red Arrows display team and now an airline captain, Dominic Riley has over 30 years experience of both teamwork and leadership of the highest quality.

As a fighter pilot in the RAF, Dominic knew all too well the necessity of fitting into a very complex organisation – his ability to do this was rewarded with selection (by the existing members) to the finest aerobatic team in the world.

After 16 years flying combat aircraft, Dominic turned his abilities towards civil aviation and is now a captain with an internationally famous airline flying upwards of 300 passengers at a time all over the world.

Although the challenges are somewhat different from the military, the success of every flight is dependent on the same basic ideal: teamwork.

As Dominic says: “Everybody needs to know their place and function within an organisation - it is the leader’s role to explain and encourage them.” 

All of Dominic’s experience and recognised leadership abilities allow him to connect directly with team building in today’s business environment.

Roz Savage

Roz Savage's photo

Motivational Speaker

“They said I was crazy. They said I wasn’t big enough, not tall enough, not strong enough,” muses Roz Savage, recalling the comments made when she announced she was going to row across the Atlantic Ocean. Solo.

That was in 2005. Direct the same comments at Roz just five years earlier and she might have agreed with you. At the start of the 21st century she had a well-paid job in the city of London, a comfortable home and a little red sports car. But she wasn’t happy.

“I would sit on the commuter train on my way to the office, wondering if this was what life was all about,” remembers Roz. “I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t fulfilled. I wasn’t being true to my values.”

Roz knew she needed to change the way she lived her life, so sat down to write two versions of her obituary. One version told the story of her life as she was living it then. Conventional, ordinary and pleasant, with occasional moments of excitement, yet always within the safe confines of normality.

The second was the obituary that she wanted to have. “I thought of the obituaries that I enjoyed reading, the people that I admired. They were the adventurers and risk-takers, the people who seemed to have lived many lifetimes in one. The people who had tried lots of things, some of them successes, some of them spectacular failures, but at least they’d had the guts to try. I realized that if I repeated today’s actions 365 times, I wouldn’t be where I wanted to be in a year – or in ten years, or at the end of my life. ”

The exercise served its purpose, giving Roz the impetus to start changing the course of her life.

But even then it was an evolution, not a revolution. One by one, she shed the trappings of her old life. She began ridding herself of the possessions that she felt were weighing her down. “I had allowed the stuff to own me rather than me owning it. I pared life down to the basics to find out what really mattered to me - to find out what was left when I defined myself by what I was, not what I owned.”

Fast forward to March 2006 and Roz is alone in a tiny boat in the middle of the Atlantic. She hasn’t had a hot meal for two months since her camping stove broke. There’s been no human contact after her satellite phone stopped working several weeks back. All four oars have broken, leaving Roz to repair them with duct tape and makeshift splints. She has tendonitis in her shoulders and saltwater sores on her backside.

Oh, and don’t forget the twenty-foot waves, sleep deprivation, self-doubt and depression. But Roz has never been happier. “I’m realizing my dream, one stroke at a time.”

Rowing the Atlantic was, without a doubt, the hardest thing Roz had ever done. “I’d wanted to get out of my comfort zone, and that, by definition, is an uncomfortable place to be,” she explains. “Physically, it was tough, but psychologically it was even tougher. The ocean is scary and it’s daunting and most of the time I wanted to give up.”

But no matter how hard it got, Roz knew that the only thing worse than carrying on would be quitting. “I kept on pushing, kept on developing, kept on adapting. I had to show what an ordinary person can do when they put their hearts and minds and souls into it.”

Which is why, having rowed the Atlantic single-handed, Roz is now taking on the Pacific.

Find out more about Roz at www.rozsavage.com.

Clive Cosby

Clive Cosby's photo

Consultant and Motivational Speaker

Forming and leading a team competing in the world’s toughest yacht race was a challenge in itself for Clive. The Southern Ocean tested him and his crew beyond anything they could have prepared for, challenging their resolve. Team Stelmar went on to win the Trans-Atlantic leg, capitalising on their experience of adversity, and turn it into victory. Clive tells of building the team, leading them against the odds and how they came through their challenges to achieve this result.

Since the Global Challenge, Clive has gone on to lead other teams competing afloat and, having drawn out the leadership lessons from skippering Team Stelmar in the 2004-2005 Global Challenge, brings his leadership experience and skills to life in the classroom. Recounting the hard learnt critical leadership lessons, tough decision making and inspirational leadership in adversity to multinational, corporate audiences.

Prior to the Global Challenge Clive was involved in a number of other offshore races, leading from the front and even leading from a desk with a career in BT sales team. He lives near the water with his family in Hampshire, UK.

Rebecca Stephens MBE

Rebecca Stephens MBE's photo

Motivational Speaker

Rebecca Stephens is the first British woman to have climbed Everest and the first English speaking woman in the world to have climbed the highest mountain on each of the seven continents, the so-called Seven Summits.

Trained as a journalist, today she writes, contributing articles to a number of newspapers, and, most important, she lectures, drawing on her experiences and delivering inspirational keynote addresses and master classes to business audiences around the world. For each talk, Rebecca talks extensively to the client to establish their exact needs. Sometimes it will be simply to tell her story as it is and at other times a light-hearted address for after dinner. But most often it will be to share lessons drawn from her experience – about self-motivation, teamwork, leadership, and communication skills – pointing the way for all of us to achieve more than we could have imagined possible, both as individuals and as working teams. She is a regular guest lecturer on leadership at Ashridge Management Centre, and has shared a stage alongside President Bill Clinton.

Rebecca has appeared as a regular presenter on Tomorrow’s World and a science series for BBC TV’s Science Zone. Her books include an ascent of Everest, ‘On Top of the World’, a children’s book entitled ‘Everest’, published by Dorling Kindersley, and more recently ‘Seven Summits of Success’, co-written with business guru, Robert Heller.

She is a trustee for Sir Edmund Hillary’s Himalayan Trust, a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a member of the Alpine Club. She also regularly returns to the Himalayas leading treks.

Find out more about Rebecca at www.rebeccastephens.com.

Sir Clive Woodward

Sir Clive Woodward's photo

Motivational Speaker

Just by demonstrating from day one that you value your Graduates and that you are prepared to invest in a varied and comprehensive development programme for them shows your commitment.

As a renowned speaker, Clive delivers thought provoking, engaging and entertaining keynotes tailored to the requirements of each organisation he works with. Carefully crafted to inspire, motivate and challenge, Clive’s presentations blend practical tools with inspiring video insights from his career as a businessman, athlete and coach acting as a storied backdrop.

Find out more about Clive at www.clivewoodward.com.

Nick Arding

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Motivational Speaker

After 23 years as an officer in the Royal Marines, Nick now specialises in helping teams and team leaders in realising and achieving their maximum potential. As a Royal Marines officer, Nick saw operational tours of duty in Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Afghanistan. He commanded teams at a number of levels, finishing his time as the Commanding Officer of the 1700 strong Commando Training Centre at Lympstone in Devon.

In 2003 Nick lead the Royal Navy Everest North Ridge expedition to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the mountain’s first ascent. As well as putting two team members onto the summit, his team rescued two injured climbers from a commercial expedition. As a result of the rescue, six members of Nick’s team were awarded the Royal Humane Society’s Bronze Medal, the Society’s Silver Medal and the Stanhope Gold Medal, with Nick personally being awarded one of the bronze medals.

In 2005 Nick was made an OBE as a result of his work on the project.

Nick resigned his commission in 2005 in order to train as a science teacher at his local Community College, something that he describes as being ‘far harder than commando training’! He now works as a freelance consultant concentrating on team performance and leadership performance as well as the delivery of inspirational talks based on his leadership experiences. He is also a mountain instructor and runs summer and winter climbing courses throughout the UK. 

Over the past six years Nick has spoken throughout the UK and internationally about his epic adventure. Nick speaks in a fluent and self-effacing way about leadership of a high performing team in the face of considerable danger in an extremely hostile environment. 

His talk covers the challenge of formulating and managing the two year project - of leading the team and dealing with challenging personnel issues and coping with considerable technical difficulties and finally orchestrating a complicated and highly dangerous rescue, during which he personally lead one of the rescue teams despite his own debilitating eye injury.

Dee Caffari

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Motivational Speaker

Dee Caffari sailed into the record books on 18 May 2006. Dee became the first woman to circumnavigate the world ‘the wrong way’ against the prevailing winds and currents, solo, non-stop. It is an extraordinary achievement. Only four men have ever managed to finish this route before. Dee’s courage, determination and motivation to complete the 29,100 mile voyage that took her nearly six months to complete has inspired many. Her imaginative descriptions of the wildlife, the conditions and the tough challenges she faced won Dee many fans world-wide as they logged-on to check her honest, and often very humorous, entries in her daily online diary onboard her yacht Aviva.

A former schoolteacher, Dee’s life changed dramatically when she dared to follow her dream and her love of the sea and become a skipper. In no less than five years, Dee had proven her skills and talents and risen to the top of a very male-dominated profession. Her gregarious, engaging character and her ability to lead and bring out the very best in others became apparent when she was selected to lead a team of amateurs in the tough Global Challenge Yacht Race in 2004/5. The only woman skipper in the race, Dee inspired her crew of 18 by handling the demanding and often frightening conditions of the Southern Ocean. During this leg of the race, Dee oversaw the largest ocean rescue in that area when one of her crew-members had to be airlifted off the yacht. Dee’s leadership skills saved his life. Dee won a coveted BP Safety Prize as well as a Media Prize for her ability to write with refreshing candour and creativity in the daily log. 

Dee knows the importance of having self-belief and facing your fears. And she knows how important inspirational mentors can be. For Dee, her late father remains one of the most significant figures in her life, not only for giving her a love of the ocean but also for giving her the confidence to take on Nature at her most frightening, and yet her most beautiful, alone at sea. (At one point in Dee’s solo circumnavigation, the nearest people to her were Astronauts on the International Space Station.)

Dee was born in Hertfordshire and now lives in Southampton. Dee trained and worked as a schoolteacher for several years before moving on to manage a Sports College. With her sailing qualifications completed, Dee then began working in the sailing industry for a company run by inspirational sailor Mike Golding. This opportunity gave her extensive experience of racing, including a Fastnet race and two trans-Atlantic races.

It was when Dee saw the start of the 2000/01 BT Global Challenge Race that she began to focus on where she wanted to be in four years time. A job as a skipper in Formula 1 Sailing led to an opportunity to manage the fleet in the UK and the Caribbean, giving Dee important experience in big boat racing and increased confidence in her seamanship. She was then selected as one of the skippers for the 2004/5 Global Challenge Race. It was while she was leading her crew during this race that Dee’s desire to achieve one of few genuine ‘firsts’ began to develop.

Dee has faced the dangers of icebergs; tempestuous storms and the worst the Southern Ocean could muster. Sailing Aviva, a 72ft yacht designed for a crew of 18, Dee frequently missed sleep: at one point getting only 9 hours in 9 days. Without doubt, one of Britain’s most inspirational women, Dee tells her dramatic story with great grace, humour and insight. Her sense of fun and positive world-view ensure her presentations are entertaining and her messages about self-belief, motivation, building confidence, leadership, teamwork and over-coming your self-limitations are memorable. If appropriate, Dee’s presentation can include dramatic film footage from her round the world voyage. Vivacious. Gregarious. Inspirational. Funny. Courageous. Dee offers ‘An Empower Hour’, a keynote and an after dinner speech to remember. As Dee puts it: ‘Dare… Dream… Discover…’ 

‘I feel I have been preparing for this my whole life. This is my dream. To be the first woman to sail the globe, single-handed, west-about. Sailing against the prevailing winds and currents. It’s twice as long and twice as hard. We can do more than we think we can. We just have to dare to dream.’

Find out more about Dee at www.deecaffari.co.uk.

Shirley Robertson OBE

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Consultant And Motivational Speaker

Shirley Robertson is the only British female athlete to have won gold medals at consecutive Olympic Games. She is already the greatest female Olympic sailor in history

Shirley started sailing at the age of 7 in a Mirror Miracle on Loch Ard in the Trossachs in Scotland. By the 1990s she had won silver medals at the 1998, 1999 and 2000 Europe World Championships. Her excellent form continued into the millennium Olympic Games in Sydney.

Following her success in 2000, Shirley turned her attentions to a new challenge. In 2001 she switched to the new Yngling class and her team finished 14th at the World Championships. Over the next two years they improved rapidly, finishing third at the 2002 Olympic Test Event and winning the 2003 Pre-Olympic regatta. This new direction was rewarded with Shirley’s historical second Gold Medal at the Athens 2004 Olympics.

In 2005 Shirley took a year off Olympic sailing to focus on big boat sailing, a budding TV career, and as an athlete delegate to the successful London 2012 bid. She returned to the Olympic trail, for Beijing, and the quest for another gold in 2006, with new crew mates, Annie Lush and Lucy Macgregor.

Shirley speaks about the highs and lows of campaigning at the highest levels in sport as well as linking in the lessons she learnt when moving from a single operator to leading a team. Her presentations range from after dinner speaking to day-long leadership and teamworking masterclasses.

Find out more about Shirley at shirleyrobertson.com.

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