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Motivational Speaker

Paul ‘Baz’ Barrett, a Colour Sgt in the Royal Marines, stood on a landmine in Afghanistan, in 2008. The blast nearly claimed his life, and he lost one leg completely, as well as badly damaging the other, part of both hands, the sight in one eye and hearing in one ear. In the past six years he’s undergone surgery 52 times, more than any other injured marine. As well as coping with his disabilities, Baz has had to come to terms with the end of a 20-year career as a Mountain Leader, an elite branch of the Marines… and a divorce. Yet he continues to achieve his goals and strives to make a success out of his life. He recently climbed Ben Nevis, completed a triathlon and a tandem parachute jump. He hopes to help and inspire others by telling his story.

Baz currently lives in Scotland with his two daughters.

Baz has been featured in two BBC documentaries: BBC Scotland’s 9/11 A Hidden Legacy (first transmitted in 2011) and Inside Out – Afghanistan, The Homecoming (October 2014).

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