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Leadership Development

In today’s turbulent environment, leaders need to create a culture that will both drive and inspire their teams, ensuring individuals perform to their true potential and teams deliver sustainable high performance.

Developing leaders is a crucial part of any company’s growth, invest in them wisely and you will reap the rewards. But how do you motivate them to want to know what inspirational leadership is, and how do you inspire them to want make a difference?

Leadership should be enjoyable and rewarding. This should be mirrored in leadership training and development. At HPD we ensure that our programmes are not only relevant and beneficial, but inspiring and enjoyable.

Many people can talk about inspirational leadership but can they walk the talk? By using experiential learning, when it comes to leadership development, where putting theory into practice is an integral part of improving leadership skills, our delegates get the opportunity to experiment with the lessons they have learnt in the classroom in a safe and non-threatening environment.

By encouraging delegates to work in situations that are unfamiliar to them, just outside of their comfort zones, they can see how they operate and behave when under pressure.

The most important aspect of experiential learning is making the lessons learnt relevant to their own working environment. This is done through facilitated debriefs and discussion sessions.

Delegates will then be expected to produce personal action plans to implement back at work.

Our workshops are individually designed for all levels of leadership from first line managers on their first rung to strategic board workshops.

Our programmes will allow delegates to return to work with;

  1. Better personal awareness.
  2. Improved influencing and persuading skills.
  3. The ability to delegate more effectively.
  4. Better problem solving skills.
  5. Improved decision making skills.
  6. The ability to inspire and motivate others.
  7. Better knowledge of team dynamics and how to build high performing teams.
  8. An better understanding of emotional intelligence and how it can improve leadership.
  9. Personal action plans to implement back at work to improve performance.

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